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Jul 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
and the atmosphere. >> one person is dead after police test involves shooting in baltimore city early this morning. officials said when officers responded, the suspect failed to comply with police. police say they searched his pocket for -- and found a semiautomatic handgun. >> the officer encountered the suspect and the officer fired his weapon at least one time shooting a suspect and the suspect has died at the hospital. the weapon has been recovered. >> homicide is investigating. >> another police-involved shooting in baltimore county where they had no choice but to shoot a man who greeted them at the door with a sword. >> it was a case does a was of great concern. >> a 15-year-old boy abducted from his home in baltimore county and driven to this field pretty was shot in the back of the head. police have arrested a 21-year- old. police have charged him with attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, and gun charges. >> we arrested two overnight with a search warrant and the third was arrested at her residence. >> police confronted the suspect at this home after their investigation led them there.
Jul 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
baltimore city and baltimore county. >> typical in low-lying areas. we have low-lying areas, southbound j.f.x., cold springs lane ramp tends to flood out. >> city transportation officials say they didn't see anything unusual as far as flooding. however, there were reports of flooding at the johns hopkins hospital ambulance entrance, as well as several downed trees and debris clogging drains. >> we kept crews in in anticipation of the storms, and we were able to respond to downed trees and high water. >> state highway officials were also busy thursday night, dealing with close to a dozen flooded state roads and dealing with closures as well. luckily, they say no lives were put in jeopardy because of standing water, and they remind motorists to use caution. >> never drive through standing water. it looks like you might get through, and then you can easily be taken away your entire vehicle, so you want to try and turn around and try a different route. additionally, if you can't see the visibility really bad, find a place to pull over to safety and just wait it out. >> city transportation off
Jul 14, 2012 5:00am EDT
was seriously injured. >> baltimore city fire chief is brining a new social media policy in response to what the department could use as inappropriate tweets by some union members. >> some city firefighters upset over the latest contract offer, fire station clones, and that the chief and command staff all got raises are setting off -- are letting off steam on social media. the chief of looking into a social media policy. kevin cartwright issued a statement that says in part of the cote powerball is not to silence the voice of the membership. it is simply to provide guidelines to voice their concerns. we want union members to express themselves in a productive way. >> there are certain constraints among public employees that are perfectly legal. you can be put in jail. if you criticize your employer, it does not mean that your employer cannot fire you. >> some of the tweets we found were strong. fire local 74 president says that he will tell his members to follow the vice of the u.s. attorney. >> if you want to say something on your twitter count, freedom of speech. the department does not fe
Jul 7, 2012 5:00am EDT
schools in baltimore city but first, here's a look at some of the events going on around town this weekend. >> in this morning's education alert, local school systems will spend the better part of their weekend crunching numbers from m.s.a., maryland school assessments. results will be made public first thing tuesday morning. it's given to kids grade three through eight. it will give administrators a look at how well students are doing reading and in math. >> we've heard so much about the poor conditions of baltimore school buildings and the billions it will cost to fix the problem. now the city's school system is getting unexpected help. 11 education reporter tim tooten has that story. >> this middle school has been home base for these missionaries helping to spruce up dozens of city schools. >> this group of teens is from virginia, new york and connecticut. they're here in city schools cleaning and stacking and serving by choice. >> they actually pay to come to the camp and they give up a week of their summer. they just sign up and fill up the application and that's pretty much that.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4